Thursday, August 17, 2017

Moving On...

Earlier today I resigned my position as MD & CEO of Infosys.  Here is the mail I sent to our employees.

Dear Friends,

After a lot of reflection, I have resigned from my position as your MD & CEO effective today.  A succession process has been initiated, with Pravin serving as interim MD & CEO, and I will work closely with the Board and management team over the next few months to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, I have agreed to serve as Executive Vice Chairman on the Board to further ensure continuity until the new management is in place.

For days, indeed weeks, this decision has weighed on me. I have wrestled the pros and cons, the issues and the counterbalancing arguments. But now, after much thought, and considering the environment of the last few quarters, I am clear in my decision. It is clear to me that despite our successes over the last three years, and the powerful seeds of innovation that we have sown, I cannot carry out my job as CEO and continue to create value, while also constantly defending against unrelenting, baseless/malicious and increasingly personal attacks.

In 2014, we started with a very challenging set of conditions, and in the last three years, we have decisively turned things around.

Three years ago, I started this journey with a calling, to help reshape the company around innovation and entrepreneurship, to deliver breakthrough value for clients, and to help elevate our work, our standing, our selves, on the basis of a dual strategy, bringing together dualities of renew and new, automation and innovation, people and software, to show a new path forward in a time of unprecedented disruption within the industry and beyond. That time, around and before June 2014, was a difficult time. Our growth rates were low and attrition was high. There was a sense of apprehension all around and I came here to help enable a great transformation as our core business faced intense pricing pressure, and clients looked increasingly to innovative partners to help shape their digital futures. Now, a bit more than three years later, I am happy to see the company doing better in every dimension I can think of.

We have grown our revenues, from $2.13B in Q1FY15 to $2.65B this past Q1. We did so while keeping a strong focus on margins, closing this past quarter at 24.1% operating margin, beating some competitors for the first time in many years, and improving against most in our industry.  Perhaps more importantly, our revenue per employee has grown for six quarters in a row. Our attrition has fallen, from 23.4% in Q1FY15 to 16.9% this past Q1, and high performer attrition is hovering at or below the single-digit threshold for a while now.  We grew our $100M+ clients from 12 when I started, to 19, and increased our large deal wins from ~$1.9B in FY15 to ~$3.5B this past year. We’ve done all this while improving our overall utilization, to a 10-yr high this past quarter, and an all time high including trainees, while improving our cash reserves, rewarding employees with a new equity plan, and returning cash to our stakeholders. And we have done all this while improving our standing with clients to the highest ever in the 12 years since we’ve done our client satisfaction survey, and a jump of 22 points in CxO satisfaction.

A few days ago, Nitesh, Radha, and I met a client in our office in Palo Alto. It is one of the largest companies in the world - and the CIO was excited and proud about seeing automation come to life in their landscape.  Her reaction to seeing many of our innovation projects, as well as our workspace itself, was thoroughly rewarding, and a testament to all we have achieved. She requested us to bring our innovative work and processes to everything we do with her team in a similar space, and even that we help them establish a similar presence for their company in the valley!  This is a sentiment I’ve often heard from clients who’ve visited our 12,000 sqft space here, that has seen 2200 visits over its ~27 months; clients where we saw much faster than average revenue growth following their visits. So, as I look back on the three years as CEO, what brings me the most joy is the new roads that all of you have traveled, the new frontiers that all of you have enabled.  From embracing the new ideas in education, teaching ourselves Design Thinking like no one else ever has, learning AI, new development processes, and more, to applying these learnings via Zero Distance, a one-of-a-kind program of massive grassroots innovation, powered by education, by the amazing Zero Bench, and by your creative confidence.  With 16500+ ideas generated, 2200+ of which have already been implemented, ZD is proof that innovation need not be the domain of a chosen few in some elite department, but is the prerogative of us all; proof that the extraordinary within each one of us can indeed be unleashed. To complement this grassroots innovation, we’ve launched 25+ new services that contributed 8.3% of our revenue last quarter, up from zero in April 2015.  And our own new software business is now at 1.6% of revenue.  Our AI platform, Nia, now with 160+ scenarios deployed at more than 70 clients, is helping drive both automation within the company, and breakthrough new business scenarios outside.  Beyond new services and new software, we’ve ventured into new horizons, from our startup fund’s investments in promising new businesses, to the work we’ve done in the last 3 years in local hiring around the world, especially in the US, to the exemplary and inspiring work our US foundation has done in bringing computer science education and a culture of making, to the masses.

And I am proud of how we have upheld our values, our culture, our integrity, whilst we have gone about this massive transformation.  I am proud of how our Board has worked, tirelessly, selflessly, these past quarters, despite intense, unfair, and often malicious and personal, criticism, in not only upholding our standards of governance and integrity, but also indeed raising these.  None of our successes would be worthwhile for a moment, if this was not the case.

I was, and remain, passionate about the massive transformation opportunity for this company and industry, but we all need to allow the company to move beyond the noise and distractions.

Back in May 2014, when I first met many board colleagues, I thought of the road ahead as a road for the next 33 years of this iconic company. For Infosys is more than a company: it is an idea, a dream, a pioneering possibility.  Back then I thought, just as I do today, that the time ahead called for a company that could show the way to a digital future, a future where our humanity, amplified by automation and software, would unleash our creativity, our imagination, to construct great worlds of our futures, and would do so powered by education, by our timeless value of learnability.  Such an Infosys, whilst staying true to its core, to her values and timeless principles, would shine the light in an altogether different context, a different reality. Such an Infosys would be one where an individual’s entrepreneurship, ability to imagine and create, ability to learn, and to amplify themselves with software, with AI, would create a greater whole. Rather than an overarching system enabling the people, the people’s agility and imagination would create a greater system. Three years later, we can clearly see that the seeds of this idea have taken root and are growing, into beautiful new flowers and plants, and I see no reason why these cannot continue, and help shape our company’s future.

For sure this journey has been a difficult one.  No one, especially me, thought it would be easy.  Transformations are hard to begin with.  A massive transformation, of such an iconic institution, with such groundbreaking achievements behind her, would be even tougher, and the exponential rates of change all around us, further amplified by geopolitical matters, would add that much more headwind.  But all this was known, and clear, and in many ways added to the calling that I felt.  For as the legendary architect Daniel Burnham said, “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir man’s blood.”

But after much contemplation I have decided to leave because the distractions, the very public noise around us, have created an untenable atmosphere. I deeply believe in creating value in an atmosphere of freedom, trust and empowerment. Life is too short to engage in battles of opinions in the public, these add no value, take critical time and focus away from the business, and indeed add more to the noise, to the eardrum buzz, as I wrote to you a few months ago. The founding principle of the strategy I laid out for our renewal was personal empowerment, working in an entrepreneurial environment.  I need this for my own work as well.  Steve Jobs, in his famous commencement speech at my alma mater, said:

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other opinions drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

I now need to move forward, and return to an environment of respect, trust and empowerment, where I can take on new lofty challenges, as can each of you.

As Steve Jobs said, I must follow my heart and my intuition, build my buildings, give my givings, and do something else.  Over the next weeks and months, I look forward to working with the Board and management to create a smooth transition, and simultaneously staring into the great unknown, and to doing something great, something purposeful, for the times ahead.    And also to spend some time with my loved ones.  I’ve been away from home far too often and far too long.

As I completed my three years recently, many people asked me if I have any regrets.  This question is more apt today and the answer is a clear NO. Not for a second.  However difficult the noise of the last several months has been, I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything. I would not give up the experience of seeing the gleam in your eyes as you described a new idea, invention, or contribution. You worked on these confidently, without reward, without arrogance, showing exactly the kind of creative confidence that David Kelley talked about in Design Thinking – a wonderful thing to witness.

I am deeply grateful for the immense support and love I’ve received from all of you, from our worthy clients for whom we do our life’s work, and by our shareholders across the globe.  I am grateful for your trust, confidence and friendship, and am thankful to our team of amazing leaders, who will help lead our company to greatness.  To my first Infoscion colleague and trusted friend Ranga, who enabled us to achieve the things we achieved, to the amazing Ravi, a pocket of passion and energy and execution excellence, to the calm and steadfast Mohit, who introduced me to the band of brothers and lived it, day after day, to the larger than life Rajesh, with his great heart and big laugh, to Binod, a veritable bulldozer brother with his broad shoulders and broader smile, to the one of a kind Ramadas, the architect and protector of our magnificent campuses with his indomitable spirit and world-class excellence, to the always smiling Deepak who helped live the strategy, to Krish and the best HR team in the world, especially the extraordinary Richard, Nanju, Shruthi and their amazing team for helping to carry out some of the craziest and most amazing people initiatives, to Inderpreet, a new voice to the team, a voice of calm, strength, integrity and a stability that far belies the little time she’s been with us, to Jayesh and our entire finance team for their dedication, their impeccable meticulous integrity and world-class excellence, and especially to my partner, friend, and pillar of strength, Pravin, who carried all the load in the world, with a smile, impeccable integrity and the most amazing grace, and will now lead you to the next phase of our company's growth.  To Zaiba, Bala sir, Nagaraju, Hari and many others for making it possible for me to be me and to do my work, to my Palo Alto family: Sanjay, Abdul, Navin, Ritika, Barbara, Tao, Vinod, Shabana, April, Sudhir and others who have stood by me and have given up so much to be a part of this journey and contributed so much to it, and indeed to thousands of Infoscions who’ve made it all matter.  I am thankful to Sesh and our entire board for their unfailing support and confidence in me throughout this journey.

Together we have achieved a lot.  Even in the midst of all of the distractions, even as the tendency was to return to the familiar, we still managed to persevere and make wonderful progress. We have laid the foundation for the next 30 years of Infosys, and I feel deeply proud to have worked alongside all of you in sowing the seeds that will return this company to the bellwether it once was.  As you’ve all often reminded us, Infosys is no bigger and no smaller than any of us, the people, the Infoscions.  You are the ones that will take Infosys to the next 30 years and beyond.  As I think about the time ahead, for all of us, I can only see us powered by a freedom from the known, of renewing ourselves to thrive in the time ahead. Each one of you has vindicated my deeply held belief that people are capable of doing more, achieving more, being more, than they ever imagined possible. So, keep pushing yourself to do better at whatever you are good at, but also learning to do things you have never done before, indeed, nobody has ever done before. I know I will be doing the same.

The Board, Pravin, and I will communicate additional details as we move forward in this transition, and meanwhile, we continue our work as is. I wish all of you the very best in your journeys ahead.



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Dr. Dan said...


Manoj jain said...

Will miss you, come back pls

Pam pam said...

Respect. It is always important to work in an environment which allows you to take decisions and risks. It is not necessary that all decisions you take are right, so be it. Atleast one took a decision. It is also important to know that dont be in a place where there is no respect.

Sad. but appreciate your decision. Best of luck for your future.

nilod said...

As an ex-employee, it was so good to read this directly from you...I just wish you never had to write it.

You are a great CEO and working with you was a great honor. I love the fact you say you do not regret the last three years. I was blessed to work with and learn from your work, your energy, intelligence, and endless enthusiasm.

God bless the road ahead.

siva said...

Company doesn't deserve innovator where whole focus is cost reduction by cutting on tissue papers

Maverick Discourses said...

I am glad you wrote this piece. As a former Infoscion, I have closely watched my alma mater grow while you were at the helm. Nothing pleased me more than the direction you provided to the firm. World has moved away from cost oriented services to an innovation led differentiation and its high time Infosys stays a step ahead in that direction. Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors.

ambarish said...

All the very best for your future endeavours Mr. Vishal Sikka!!! You are a role model and an icon for indian IT industry.

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your decision, you were being strangled in this organization. Loved the change you tried to bring in, you were the one who started trusting the employees that reflected in the organizational culture as well. You brought in a new direction that Infy needed. But sadly itseems few people were not liking this.

Wishing you loads of luck !

Rajesh said...

Some battles are not worth the fight. An alternate destiny awaits... salutes!! I wanted to do something revolutionary in traffic law enforcement. Kindly let me know if you are interested.

Pranav Mukul said...
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As an ex-infocion I started my journey as a fresher in 2014 with Vishal as CEO and left in 2017. It was really good working with Infosys with all its new challenge and change in work culture.
You are always a philanthropic personality..
With all the best wishes for Infosys to keep excelling, I wish u all the best.

Wealth Advisor with wisdom said...

With time the ecosystem should give you trust. But time and time again you need to clear the Agni Pariksha then you should not give a secondary thought to stay around. All the best for future endeavors

Tanuj said...

Time- the most dangerous and impacting factor, teaches us only one thing that 'Nothing is permanent'.

Sir, you have brought in humongous changes the way Infy thinks & works.
Big thanks for that.

But as your write-up indicates, there was some impact of Negativity in your this decision.
I can only say, Light should never ever bother about darkness.

You are taking your light off Infy.
Let your goodness prevails where ever you put next focus on!
Wish you all the best ahead.

Regards 767056


So well articulated. Much respect for your thoughts, transformations at Infosys over past 3 years.

Skylark said...

Respect !! Have seen Infosys transform ground up over the last 3 years

IPO Wala said...
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IPO Wala said...
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Maxx said...

Good decision but first resignation n then buy back would have been better.
Anyhow, people interference so very high. It is best for you. IT is now changing at superspeed. It would be best for you to take a sabbatical. Best wishes.

Jain Ankit Shyam - j A s said...

"Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life... have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become.”
Thank you for this.
Wish I can implement this in my life at Infy without wasting time as said.
Good luck :)

Jaideep Valani said...

Dear sir, personally I felt you have been phenomenal in your work and cld have taken infy to its new height in coming years , salute for your work...resisting chg is humman tendency perhaps things were no different in this case as well
I admire you

Krishnasri said...

Very sad sikka. Would love to work with you..

Unknown said...

You re-engineered the way infosys worked.your resignation comes as a shock as infosys was on a fast track of transformation.
But you will be missed at infy sir.It was great to have you as our ceo.
Have a great journey ahead.

T C M Sundaram said...

Vishal, Very brave decision. I believe the atmosphere was vitiated last few quarters. I believe your resignation is a loss to Infosys.

PV Rameshbabu said...

We are all passengers in a train called life. I think u have added some value to the journey we spent together while Ur train called life traversed Infosys. Now we have to part, thanks
and good luck.

Amit said...

Dear Mr. Sikka, After I left the company you got in and with what I have seen you doing from outside, since then, has been exemplary. The changes in Infy (for the right reasons and in the right direction) were very much visible. Surely now as you decide to step down I would also understand that it woud surely hv been something really pestering you and your values. For all the time you anchored the post you held ur's and the company's head high and hope the baton gets picked up by someone who needs to be more able than you (a hard find). Looking fwd to follow ur next innings. All the very best............ Amit

ravikanthreddy mogulla said...

Infosys will miss you for sure and your absence will be felt..

Shridhar Karandikar said...
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vidyasagar Tejomurtula said...

I could not have written about my work in last period. Excellent way of providing information about organization growth to employees. Every CEO must adopt such way of sharing information. All the best Mr.Sikka

vidyasagar Tejomurtula said...

I could not have written about my work in last period. Excellent way of providing information about organization growth to employees. Every CEO must adopt such way of sharing information. All the best Mr.Sikka

Unknown said...

You are a cheater! You have already tipped insiders and that is the reason INFY share price jumped > 5% without any news. You are no better than high profile RG.

Shridhar Karandikar said...

Infoscions had started to read senior managements mails, after you joined. God save infosys from murty

Sharu said...

This is the first time an infosys employee has heard the news before the public has this news. wish V continues as CTO of this company of 200000 strong folks.

Unknown said...

Trust is the key for continual success. With freedom of work things work times unfortunate event do occur which are part of outer circle....beyond our control. Vishal Sir you did right by focusing on inner circle which will ensure all the energy is put in right direction. All the Best Sir.

Aarthi said...

We loved the transformation and the energetic environment you brought into the company. Sad that you will be leaving the company after all the positive transformations the company had seen in the past 3 years.

ushamrita said...

A courageous step this, Vishal. The great, expansive unknown beckons; your journey as a visionary must continue. You are right is saying one can and must operate in an environment sanctified by trust, respect & empowerment. That is the basic human ideal each one of us strives for! And yes, time with loved ones is going to propel you into your optimum zone! Loved ones can somehow always buffer you irrespective of the challenges ahead of you. Wishing you the best in all that you do. Much respect. ��

- Ushamrita

Palak said...

Hi V,

You brought some of impressive innovation to Infy. ZB and ZD are one of them. Your resignation would be loss to Infy. You changed work culture & work life balance by changing policies.
Wish you have great journey ahead..!

Unknown said...

Whatta person! Loved reading through the resignation blog. This could indeed start a trend og parting away amiably with companies, while keeping human values intact. I wish Mr. Sikka the very best. I'm sure he has done great service to the organization and has a lot of life goals left to achieve. It is a pleasure to read through his blog and connect with his life accordingly.

Unknown said...

Hi Sir, Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts. When you joined Infosys and came to Mysore, I was touched and inspired with the your energy and passion towards the technology and most importantly your zeal to build trust among the employees. You are and will always be an inspiration Sir. And one more thing sir, Once an Infoscian will always be an Infoscian. So cheers and enjoy loving what you do best. We will be following you towards your new venture. Respect.

Shiva said...

I think you took the right decision. All the best for your future endeavors, Vishal.

Unknown said...

As an ex employee I feel really sad for you and Infy. I am doubtful if they would ever get a CEO like you. Would request you to believe that Infoscions were always appreciative of your leadership. Thanks. Hope you start a your own organisation where you would do the work the way you like it.

Dhanooj K said...

It's a good decision but not at this point of time? Its very hard to digest for some people like me.

bssm said...

End of the day nrn showed his egalitarian class telling he is a socialist

V said...

It is so sad to see you go, Dr.Vishal Sikka. You were the inspiration, courage and assurance behind all the new offerings we built and spoke about it proudly to our clients. We will miss you. The void that you have left behind is impossible to fill it a mentor, guide or in a philosophical force behind our work. its going to be really really hard to find motivation.

TheViking said...

The changes that you had brought in to Infosys infused a new lease of life to us. Unfortunately, some of the distractions that you have mentioned are self inflicted wounds which could have been avoided. Corporate environment is constantly changing and challenging. If one cannot stand up for themselves, especially a CEO, it does not send the right message to its employees.
All said and done, I am sure we will be riding on the transformations which you have brought in for the betterment of the company.
Best wishes and good luck.

TheViking said...

The changes that you had brought in to Infosys infused a new lease of life to us. Unfortunately, some of the distractions that you have mentioned are self inflicted wounds which could have been avoided. Corporate environment is constantly changing and challenging. If one cannot stand up for themselves, especially a CEO, it does not send the right message to its employees.
All said and done, I am sure we will be riding on the transformations which you have brought in for the betterment of the company.
Best wishes and good luck.

Unknown said...

It seems infosys senior management is comfortable working under founders only.

Mahesh said...

Correct decision sir. People like TVM and NRN should focus on their current assignments rather than meddling in your current assignment. Sad to see such a professional being treated

Best regards
Mahesh Bhat

Unknown said...

All the best. Respect

Venkatesan said...

Not sure if this is a good decision for an Indian MNC, but a good one for you. You are always right to follow what your inner instinct says. All the best for your future :)

pohardutta said...

All the best V...

Jio news said...


Bhuvanesh Phadnis said...

This is a sad day for Indian tech industry.

All the best to you.

Baljinder Singh said...

Its sad but it's expected... You survived 3 years in all this and that is also commendable... Point to highlight is that Infosys is not participating in margin race with other IT giants. Employees are only assets that infy have and this Margin Target was crushing them.

Visak said...

Amazed with your passion and direction. All the best for one of the best!

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Angane Pavanayi Savamayi

Unknown said...

It is sad to see your exit from Infosys. You are one of the best tech savvy CEO organizations can have.. All the best.

Unknown said...

All the best Sikka... Great work out here and you have wonders to do and any organisation will be happy to have you...

Beyond Grades said...

Before you joined Infosys, I had never heard about you. What you did at Infosys was very brave. There was a time when each Infosys employee wanted to quit and was looking out for jobs. Since you have joined, things started changing for better. It is obvious that some people will like what you do and some may not. The personal attack are signs of personal frustrations because they couldn't do what you braved to do.
The only sad part of your quitting is the message that is going out to the future leaders. You cannot innovate, you cannot try to do things differently and you cannot be agile and that is completely against what growth of any organization demands. This is the second instance in the past 1 year where some brave men are being forced to quit for some personal grudges.

Wish you all the best for your future.

Unknown said...

Why comment removed.

Unknown said...

Why comments removed

Unknown said...

It is easy for we people to comment, however couldn't resist -

Both you & NRN stuck to your Guns (view points)

Elevation by either of you - to understand others viewpoint & (your own viewpoint neutrally) to see the challenges in hand & resolve the problem from HIGHER plane could have avoided what happened in last few quarters

Unknown said...

As few people have already mentioned, though I do empathise with your decision, I do feel you should have stayed with Infosys in this journey and stood up for what is right. Being an Infoscian for the last 3 years, I have seen the kind of energy you brought in from the time you have been the CEO.
I know it must be a decision well thought through by you and your well wishers but I still feel that its not the right way to go.
You should have proved them wrong in the long run.
Wishing you best in all future life goals.
Will always be a fan!!
Sadly could meet you only once in a Town Hall and hoped to meet you again.

Ram's Blog said...

Vikas, in my tweet when you joined infy.i mentioned about heavily dependent on political atmosphere.your very own COO pravin is master behind.

Ex-Info said...

Sikka - I always admired you for various reasons. As an ex-infosican, I have seen how you transformed infosys in the last 3 yrs and the hard work went in. One thing that I am not sure if you realized that the middle/higher management is all jokers trained in old school fashion and they really dont have any idea on what is going on... Sometimes I felt you are a misfit for this company as your ideas and plans are way too high/good to be implemented in infy with this set of ppl. Anyways it will be a huge loss for infosys that you will be gone. Wish you all the very best!!!

Sanku said...

Respect your decision. Great to know you heard your inner voice than the "margin". All the best for your future endeavor.

Unknown said...

Good you got down the share price

Unknown said...

Good you got down the share price

Alok said...

As an ex infoscion, I always felt high about you and connected, although never met.
These fights remind me of staying in a rented flat and Owners also living in the same building. There is constant bickering that happens with Tenant and Owner.

Startup may be a good way forward.
Salute to your courage and will follow your blogs.
Best of Luck Mr. Sikka.

mooi said...

Dear Vishal,
I am deeply saddened how priorities get messed up at every level and how we, human beings, focus on something that is not in the larger interest. I was with Infosys when you joined and I still remember the Dhol Tasha and Puneri pagadi welcome given to you. The atmosphere was eclectic and you have lived up to every dream envisioned by and for the institution that Infosys is!
You would be missed.
Best wishes in your future endeavors!

Avneet Singh said...

Congratulations Infy you are now starting again from 2012 when Shibu left and NRN sir came back. I have a huge respect for NRN sir but the way Sikka sir's exit is handled and the mudslinging that was on forever made sure infy never reached its true caliber . The employees will be happy for a short time and might even get an average double digit hike but the innovation and research i fear will stop. The worst step was hiring Managers from Infy services to EdgeVerve you cannot change the mindset of a service manager or a product manager.
As an ex infoscion it is sad to see such a talent leave infosys on such a bitter note.

Vishal Sir you brought in changes no one had the balls to talk about . You are awesome god bless you always.

To all infoscion's you are doomed if you think Vishal Sikka was wrong you deserve only and only Infosys 3.0 .

nammacycle said...

Extremely sad - i have been a external software consultant and have been training the infy team in advanced technology - i could really see the transformation under your leadership -
My thoughts :
Infy NRN wanted to create a legacy company like TATAs - but it was not in the DNA of infy to do it ; they did not create next gen leaders and hence we had the crisis before you stepped in;
Then once you were there - they did not enable the vision - but blurred the vision and it is a tough job fighting battles at two zones - external (trump+ competetion ) and internal (founders) -
I salute you for taking this initiative and brining the energy to a industry that was STUCK in old ways...
lets cycle ~

Vijay said...

I think you made the right choice... founders need to know when to let go and stop pontifications... I know you'll go on to bigger things

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vishal Sikka, you are a loser, you raised your salary by 10 times and when somebody questioned it you want to run away, why? Is it because you have made emough money now. Or are you simply afraid? By this decision, you have proven you were a wrong person at the wrong time in a wrong company. Infosys should be happy that they are getting rid of a weed like you.

nonlinearthinking said...

You should have no regrets. Doubt anyone from the past knows anything related to DT. The inputs required for tomorrow are very different from yesteryear where the entire business was based on salary arbitrage. Moving forward is the key need. I hope you will also pray for Infosys as we all will .. with hope that it does not ever try to return to " good old days". In your industry 5 years ago you would be in Jurassic Park. Best wishes for the future.

Unknown said...

Finally.. Not late though .. good luck Mr. V

Viswanaathan said...

Best wishes Dr.Vishal Sikka

Unknown said...

And thus Sinbad escaped from the old man of the sea.
"You fell,' said they, 'into the hands of the old man of the sea, and are the first that has ever escaped strangling by him. He never left those he had once made himself master of till he destroyed them, and he has made this island famous for the number of men he has slain; so that the merchants and mariners who landed upon it dared not advance into the island"

TSK. Raman said...

I am a rank outsider to all of you Infosys, NRM, and you. I read the passion you ooze, the commitment you have shown the dream that you have dreamt and made people believe things can happen if we have a band of people who are will to trust a leader with vision and the ability to pull through in any situation. When NRM returned for his second stint, in among my circles they hailed the move. I predicted he will not be able to impact anything. True he didn't. He brought you in, and at that time I said, "Vishal is the right man in the right place at the right time for the right purpose. But, one must wait and watch the way the founders will behave if "Vishal," doesn't do as they say. True enough the uncalled for intrusions and interference in the last few months were bad, and I too would have felt quite the same as you did, bear with it to the extent possible, after that like Steve said, "We can't live someone elses dreams..." That way I was right to predict you will leave too. Am really hoping people in Infosys will carry forward fro where you have left. In these three years more than anything else you have created leaders and entrepreneurial thinkers who will blaze a new trail. You can be proud of it all. Best wishes to you in all your future endeavors.

Abhishek said...

I definitely feel that you deserved more respect and trust for the work, you were chosen for. No matter what, a chosen head of an Organization, specially with a legacy of Infosys, has a seriously challenging task on his hand. Add to that the challenging times for the IT industry as a whole. They need all the support to implement and execute.

Really sad to see the fight being taken to media, rather than getting fought in a professional environment.

Wish you all the best for future endeavors.


Unknown said...

Respect !! You are a true inspiration

rnandan said...

People forget that only the very early employees made a fortune while others who joined post 2000 just slogged. All this compassionate capitalism etc is just for the media and common public.
All the while he has been telling that Indian Engineers are not good, now he has proved something else too.
Good luck to Mr Sikka. People over 60 should just go to vanaprastha ashram

Unknown said...

Sad indeed. Lots of hope and future were riding on Mr. Sikka's excellent tenure and his continued stay at Infosys. Alas not to be. Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Well said.

Raj said...

Hi Vishal,
It's sad to know that you are moving on.
Infy losing you, you are my inspiration and have huge respect and admiration deep inside my heart.
Best wishes for your future.

kunal s lawtawar said...

As a CEO he should understand how middle management work, what training program conducted for these old school fashioned managers. Lots of them promoted because of bread butter relationship, no idea what techology they are working. Simply pushing everything on Juniors.

DEBOSYS said...

In Bhagbad Gita, Lord SriKrishna Sermonized "Also Soul Move from Body to Body till Mokha" an eternal extent of "Timelessness" but here a work that done with "Incredible vigor" :

“Time n Change Remain Permanent"

Ronit said...


Ronit said...

I'll miss you Sir.

Unknown said...

Hi Sir,
Its a brave decision. Market and Investors on Infosys has valued your Decision of about Rs. 22500 Cr in the form of market cap of Infosys. Thats, Immense. All the best sir. I am sure that future holds a lot to offer you. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to post a comment.

Unknown said...

Because Author wants to hear only good things about him.. not the truth.

mastab said...

Great Leader, All the very best

Hillranger said...

Founders Syndrome! Yet again! Infosys was never a Tatasons or TVS.

Unknown said...

Hello Sir -I read through your blogs.I must admire you for your thoughts and believe that someone, as true to oneself as you, would always go by his gut then by the rule book.
Wish you a great success for all your future endeavors.

Neeraj Gulia said...

This is a very big news. People at Infosys are stunned.

Gaurav said...

Hi Vishal,

Your resignation from Infy has sent shockwaves across the entire IT industry given the fact that Infosys was slowly shaping up as a market leader once again in Indian arena despite of several roadblocks with several innovative and forward thinking decisions taken under your leadership.

Given an opportunity, do we see you getting back to associate with Hasso Plattner's team on next generation HANA solutions like S4HANA and to push the digital innovation like SAP Leonardo to the next level in future?

jay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Congratulations on this courageous decision Dr Sikka. You are destined to contribute in a much bigger way to the tech world than what the current situation at Infy allowed you to achieve. Best wishes.

Srinivas Chamarthi said...

I am not an infy but from outset this looks more emotional and failed to deliver goods and justifying things emotionally. any justification would only strengthen the self pity.

Romil said...

Dear Dr. Sikka,

You will definitely be missed. You were the hope at Infosys. You perhaps did right thing under current circumstances. I wish you all the very best, while I figure out whether Infosys can transform ever.
Thanks, R

dbkooper said...

A failure on INFYs behalf to let you go. Its sad when old doesn't make way for the new.. stubbornness is doomed.
Sad to see such incidents happening.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sikka did change the look and feel of Infosys and made us future focused. However, as an employee I only heard great things - like revenue increasing, innovation, less attrition, design thinking, zero distance, and many more.
However, as an employee, never got any benefits of the above said changes. Neither my working conditions changed, no improvements, no salary hikes and no role changes since you came on board. So who actually benefited from all the above great doings of yours? I believe a change is good for all... hope the employees get some benefits with all these developments and under a new management.

The SecondGear MBA for Non MBA said...

Hats off to you!!

Unknown said...
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Chaitali said...
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Chaitali said...
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Chaitali said...
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Me said...

Respect your decision and I am sure that you have thought it through.. but should you not have fought for what you believe is right.. if everyone quits because of noise and distractions then no one would ever succeed

All said, respect you, respect your decision and Wish You All the best always

Sameer Kale said...

Dear Vishal, we loved the way ZD, AI, DT was put in our company culture. Every part of the company, every campus and every client would speak about the new thinking you brought to Infoscion. Your lectures on AI and innovative thought leadership would always be with us. I would always cherish the new paths created by you, the new spirit developed in the leadership...

We are going to miss a great person at heart, great CEO with passion for machines, robots, cognitive thinking... Wishing you all the very best..

Rajesh Rathod said...

A message coming straight from the heart. You have been a very inspiring leader. This is a big loss for Infosys. All the best, Vishal!

Unknown said...

At this juncture it is a not right decision!


Vallal said...

Father of SAP Hana. SAP will follow Sikka's roadmap for a very long time. Infosys will also follow Sikka's ideas for a long time.

Sikka is a Superstar. Infosys and bunch of disgruntled Old men, poor beloe-the-belt political culture, 'sab chaltha hai', 'teek hai' attitude of Indians from South to North doesn't deserve a Lodestar like Sikka.

You are destined for something Great sir. Infosys culture won't let people like you thrive, just like the German politics. In my humble opinion sir, You must improve your maneuverability skills and pull a dirty trick once in a whole to deal with scumbags all over Tech world. The Next time may you have the upper hand over your petty minded enemies and grumpy old men. God bless You and your family.

Rama from mumbai said...

Good luck and best wishes for your next chapter. You steered the company with vision and courage and we are very sad and upset to see the events that have exit .The emotional maturity amd auntheticity of Your letter demonstrates that hiring you was the best decision the board made.

Anoop said...

Dear Dr Sikka, Your resignation triggered this thought that I have published in linkedin.

All the best for your future endeavors, After 8.5 years at Infy I left Infy end of 2014 so I couldn't get much of a chance to work under your leadership, I would have really liked to work closely with you. But still as an outsider I read about Infosys from time to time. Apart from all the great work on the innovation side I also like some of the much needed employee friendly changes you brought; example relaxing the age-old formal dress code rule. When I think about it now, it looks so stupid that we were forced (even fined) to wear formals with Tie on Monday and Tuesday and formals with Tie optional on Wednesday and Thursday even when temperatures were over 30 degree Celsius. When I mention this to people here in Germany they can't believe such a thing existed.

OK, now it may really sound like a joke and also look like I am taking this chance to advertise, but I don't have any other means to reach you. I am working on an own idea to build Public Data Warehouse ( what could become world's best and biggest Data Warehouse), please see Any feedback / inputs / guidance from a thought leader like you would be great support. Note - I am not looking for financial assistance. I will earn it the hard way.

Best Regards,

Saptarshi Roy said...

I wish to follow your blog.

Unknown said...

You have always taken right decisions. And this was of them.
Have a good time with loved ones.

Unknown said...

Hello, Vishal,
I am a total stranger to Infosis. But, I have been keeping a close watch on your actions,as the CEO of an IT Co; which, is one of the most revered technology firms in the world! The reason being that I hold a position(Director- Global strategy) in another (small time-but, with a big vision!) technology Co; in US, which is in to Big Data Analytics. viz; UniB Solutions Llc. Well, my observation of you in Infosis, is that you tried bringing in several fundamental (perspective) changes in the Co; in line with 'fast changing world', by advocating latest technology innovations, like, AI, Automation etc; which is the need of the day. In the process, probably, you(knowingly), brought in certain 'turn arounds' in employee relations, decision making, culture and other related areas; thereby giving more thrust on 'inter dependency'-which, according to me, is an excellent long term proposition in managing a technology Company, like Infosis! But, alas! Some of the Founders have started 'rattling', with out knowing (or refusing to learn!) about your plans! Now that you had to resign, disturbed with that 'rattling'! It is sad that the Corporate Governance in India , is still getting entangled with petty squabbles; and the real talents are getting sidelined! In spite of all these, fairly small companies like ours can perceive your vision; and our support and prayers are always with you! Keep Going...
Best Regards,
Anil Thomas

Devz said...

Dear Vishal,

I enjoyed working under your regime. We used to feel truly that we were heading in the right direction. The changes were positive. The best part we loved is that our CEO "knows" things till the grass root level. All your initiatives such as ZD, Accelerate, Expert Track, Murmuration, etc. gave us a feeling of transparency and meritocracy. I literally used to recite your emails. They were personally connecting. Everyone used to get fanatic about your email signature Best, V :)

Your exit is demotivating to continue. we are used to technology leader like you. Wish you all the best! A lot of things are waiting for you going ahead!


Unknown said...

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Michael Krigsman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Krigsman said...

Please be my guest on CXOTalk to talk about how a leader can create an environment of creativity and trust in business. How to achieve the aspirational goals you described. You have spoken about these topics since the days of SAP CXOTalk is the perfect forum to discuss in depth.

Michael Krigsman

Arun Babu said...

A letter to Vishal Sikka from an Infoscion ~

Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Sikka,

I have something to discuss with you about AI (And it has nothing to do with the ususal application area - services or product, that one reads).
If you have ten minutes to share i would be happy to call you and speak to you.


Raghu said...

Vishal, at the he outset this is not surprising that you are leaving this iconic company. Just the previous day two ex-infoscions were discussing and said its time that you quit (we said max one year but looks like you heard it as one day). Yes the issues raised were repeated multiple times. But am sure you have realized now that it had to be raised because the response was not convincing enough and actions were none. when you joined, it was clear in my mind that your attraction is only the cash reserves (it's on Facebook) and you lived up to my expectation of spending it (despite such a huge control) unjustifiably. You didn't have much attraction because you realized that spending the cash reserves as you may feel like was not an option because the shareholders didn't respond well to your first such instance anyways. Also with buy-back becoming reality you would have been left with no cash reserves for such spending anyways. So it was not at all surprising that you are moving on. As a shareholder I am extremely delighted with your decision to move on. There is some chance that the company can be turned around. I would hope BG and Nandan combination will do the trick.
Coming to your tenure - it was as expected a lackluster performance. The biggest achievement probably is getting your wife into Infosys foundation and dilute even that one highly respected organization. If you nurtured a highly talented but a pervert like Ravikumar it says a lot about the erosion of value system. From your first talk since you joined there is hardly any movement on your strategy. Your strategy on home grown Automation and AI platform is completely screwed one. Having built an organization focused on Automation I hardly encountered Infosys in any of the opportunity. Only in very few instances you were a clear loser. You changed names of the platform couple of times for no reason and didn't make any impact in the market. I always thought of writing to you in the last couple of months (since I moved on from my previous stint and move out of IT) but thought that you are anyways on your way out and why discuss that topic now with you.
Having said that you are indeed knowledgeable guy in certain areas, but I feel it is good for Infosys in the short and medium term that you have moved on. But UB or Ravi would be worse for sure.

Guru said...

Good move Sikka but you have no idea who worked hard for your success. You never will.

Unknown said...

Hi Vishal,
I am working in infosys from last 5 years and the transformation you have done in last three years are amazing.Below are the some of the changes.
2)Software center
5)Dress code removal
6)Flexible working hours
7)changes in variable pay
8)ILP(Infosys learning platform)
11)Design thinking sessions
12)ZD and ZB
We miss you vishal.we miss your transfomration...


Unknown said...

Vishal Sikka Sir,

Now, I want to see you a Chairman of Zylog Ltd Which will grow tremendously if it is aquired by you...It is a low price IT company but you only can make it India's the fastest growing company.....Sir,Zylog Ltd... Zylog Ltd....Zylog Ltd.....
Vande Matram........

MotherIn21stCentury said...

Touching to read "Moving On". While I am no one to comment on the decision, it did create ocean of thoughts in mind about Infosys. Thank you for all the passionate work and the blog - it is quite unusual to read such a detailed and long moving on blog.

DA Herman said...

So, like Siddhartha, your spiritual journey of self discovery continues. All the best in your next chapter.

Unknown said...

Vishal Sikka Sir,

Sir, I want to see you a Chairman of a Zylog Ltd which is a Small IT company but you only can make it a leading and fastest growth company of India....Best of luck ....God Bless you...sir.....

Unknown said...

Dear Vishal,

I was working at Infosys between 2004-2016. The session you gave in your first STRAP meeting where you introduced zero distance was possibly the best session I ever attended. You spoke about solving problems that are not yet articulated using design thinking and learnability as the tools. To say the least, I was mesmerised. It got me thinking and I felt there are whole lot of things that I need to learn and explore. I eventually decided to leave Infosys for further studies.

I have been closely following Infosys after I left. I remember in one of your interviews, you had mentioned that your best work is yet to come. I always hoped that it will be with Infosys. Whatever happened in last few months has been terribly upsetting and I hope time will prove that whatever has happened is for good, for both you and Infosys.

I am terribly excited about your best work. I will be closely following all your future endeavors and hope that in the process I will also learn.


MANEESH INNANI , Enterprise Architect , Technical Architect said...

I contend that Vishal sikka is part of the real heroes team who managed infosys from 2014 to 2017. He showed immence capabilities to handle all sorts of the
growth issues. May be he focussed too much on the acquisition models vs building value technlogy model which infosys was always doing from beginning.
Everyday there will be changes in the corporate world, people will change , technologies will change. Did he really give weight-age in picking right type of the leaders from all verticals within infosys?
He could have survived if he could have prepared a leadership game plan which affects business engagement managers , and technical streams. Everybody he says he has more SAP HANA leadership,
so what did you do, to understand 500 other leaders within company for creating value addition. Did you ever know what type of business and technical streams are changing every year?

Maneesh Innani
Enterprise Architect
95-01 worked in USA

Ruchi Nanda said...

Great work and Great site and blog. Keep sharing and posting

Pai said...

U did nothing for employees .There was too much saving that was done as part of automation,innovation etc.All the money saved went as a hike to CEO,COO,CFO etc while employees getting peanuts.

Unknown said...

Hi sir,
it looks like a case of taking help of somebody in tough times and then betray them through Board coup or cheap politics..sir you R a legend and a Tech wizard and Role model
...Wish you all the Best...God Bless..

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Vishal,

Debabrata here from Fortune India magazine. Would it be possible for you to share your email id? We wanted to send you some questions regarding a story we are attempting. My email id is and my number is +91 9833621905

Unknown said...

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La veilleuse coranique personnalisée pas cher
Veilleuse coranique personnalisée
Veilleuse coranique personnalisée

Découvrez la Veilleuse coranique

Découvrez La veilleuse coranique Munawara
Video de la Veilleuse coranique munawara
Veilleuse coranique munawara

Les cornes de gazelle délicieuses.
Patisseries orientales
corne de gazelle algérienne
recette corne de gazelle

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