Friday, November 28, 2014

Rain Drops in Tokyo

Gray and rainy day in Tokyo.  Rain drops making their way down the window; a very beautiful, reflective, humbling dance.  Puts things in perspective, as we go about our daily busy-nesses and try to find our own ways to be thankful on this thanksgiving wknd...
As I sit here, busy with important, yet mundane, matters, and try to find a balance between reflecting and living in the moment, between living in the here and now, and in the nows down the horizons of time, the flow of some of the drops down my window made me write this.

In the moment
With its momentum
The rain drop slides down the window
Purposeful, making its way to its potential
Does it know it is the rain?

And then the 5-7-5 spirit of the Haiku, led to this...

In the moment, raindrop slides
With its momentum, purposefully down the window
Does it know it's rain?

-- Vishal, Nov 29, 2014